The pandemic has posed substantial challenges for development engineers.  Without the right tools, they face an almost unsolvable situation. On the one hand, they are under pressure to reduce costs and shorten development times, and on the other hand, customers still expect continuous improvement of quality and increased operational safety. 

IC.IDO, the tool that has been adapted to the specific needs of any given industry,  is to show the way how to successfully introduce products and services to any given market.

To meet these often contradictory needs, engineers need the right tools to support the control of product integrity, manufacturing technologies, and ergonomic requirements of assembly processes while ensuring effective communication between internal departments and plant units, as well as data exchange between suppliers. 

The tool that could help solve these challenges is one that highlights potentially problematic areas at an early stage of development, whether it is mass production of cars, production of small series of railway equipment or piece production of aircraft, energetic or petrochemical equipment.

Development engineers need a tool that, highlights the areas and substructures that need to be focused on regardless of whether they are working to solve problems in the transportation, energy, heavy or petrochemical industries.