About Us

Our company was founded in 2001 with the intention of creating a design office that is able to solve the problems of production practice.

At the beginning, the company focused on the petrochemical industry, where it addressed the technical problems of the production operations of companies located near our office - SLOVNAFT, a.s. and Duslo Šaľa, a.s. and their subcontractors.

Allready in the end of the year we made an agreement with the multinacional company ESI Group about representing them in Slovakia. In the begining our job was the representation of the software sales of this multinacional company.

At the begining of 2002, we expended ur agency agreement to Hungary, with this expansion to our company: we began offering not only the sale and lease of ESI software licenses, but consulting activities based on the specifications of our partners.

Sales of software can not be considered a quality service unless it is also connected to the supply of hardware. Having this in mind we also planned on expanding our portfolio; since we had been planning to provide professional services since the start of the company, we were looking for partners, an alliance with which we fully meet not only our ideas but also the expectations of our partners. At HP, we have found a strong partner who supports us not only to provide developer workstations with a choice of suitable desktop and portable workstations, but with their server solutions that are an integral part of the workplace of each developer. Thanks to HP, we can also deliver both small and large-sized custom-designed printers. That is why we have been partnering with this internationally recognized IT company since 2005.

The economic crisis of 2008 has pushed us to improve our activities significantly. We have decided to integrate management systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001. These management systems help us effectively manage our company and also provide a guarantee of the quality of our work to our partners.

In 2011, we decided to improve the quality of our activities in the fields of engineering, research and development consulting, and we committed to certify the technical department of the company according to ISO 17025 as the Testing Laboratory for testing the strength of rolling stock and road transport, as well as the strength of pressure vessels and pipes. Together with the accreditation of the testing laboratory, we have expanded our capacity in the field of technical measurements, which enables us to offer capacities even when measuring physical measurements in non-standard ranges. The accreditation of the testing laboratory was successfully completed in 2013.

The primary interest of our team of engineers is the satisfaction of users with ESI Group software products, but in addition to software sales we also provide technical support for software, as well as consulting, customer training, and also help with various engineering studies. The team of skilled experts is engaged in the solution of complex engineering projects. As partners of ESI Group, a recognized worldwide supplier of computer simulation tools in prototype design and manufacturing processes, we have access to the latest computer simulation techniques and knowledge. The solution offered by us is to perform a comprehensive computational analysis, along with numerical models in our own laboratory, to perform measurements of the physical properties of metallic and non-metallic materials. Challenging tasks of computer simulation are solved in individual steps, in witch we seek to maximize the number of phenomena that can affect the shape and properties of the final product. This involves, for example, linking the results of the calculations of one program file as input to subsequent computer analyzes. A typical example of how to solve individual computational analyzes is to transfer the results from simulation of the surface form to simulation of crash tests.

TEN SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. provides its services in the field of simulation of impact tests, passive safety of road and rail vehicles, in the fields of molding, casting, welding, heat treatment processes, but also in such specialized areas as vibroacoustics, flow and electromagnetic compatibility. Our solutions will be used in industrial, automotive, aviation, marine, defense, heavy industry and energy industries, across the spectrum.

We are aware that we can only offer top quality in the market if we continually improve. Therefore, we push our daily activities to meet our goals, which can only be considered a success if our customer is satisfied.

Present - challenge

The current world is under pressure by all companies in the technical world; consumer demands are increasing while expecting a reduced product lifecycle and lower sales prices. These conflicting expectations can only be met by those companies that can respond to the constantly changing market conditions by implementing and using the latest technologies.


The only way to face these challenges is to replace physical prototypes and practical virtual tests. Even now, virtual tests are overwhelming in physical examinations, and are becoming more and more popular with state-of-the-art technical practices thanks to modern computer technologies. However, the goal is to replace virtual real-world testing, which is an important step towards establishing a digital factory.

How can we help achieve our goals?

TEN SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. has extensive experience in supporting our customers in deploying and enhancing virtual prototypes, introducing virtual production, or analyzing environmental impacts on virtual research objects. We are able to pass on the necessary knowledge in all major areas of the technical world.

What benefits can you get?

  • Covering short-term capacities to solve your CAE projects with experienced and accredited professionals
  • Using the expertise of our staff in various areas of the technical world such as structural impact tests, safety, fluid and gas dynamics, production processes, or process automation. Simulations in all of these areas can be interconnected, even solved as bound tasks.
  • Guaranteed to capture the latest technological trends in CAEs to gain control over the simulations of your new and innovative development projects.