IC.IDO For Ground Transportation

Leading Virtual Reality-Based Decision-Making Platform

Take the right decisions, at the right time and execute cost-effectively with IC.IDO

Virtual Reality (VR) is the most promising technology in the future of engineering design and manufacturing. To push the limits of Virtual Product Engineering, ESI decided to use Virtual Reality as a strong technological lever. Virtual Reality speeds up design, development and planning processes in an interactive and collaborative environment, providing an unprecedented degree of 3D immersion and product understanding.

IC.IDO provides an exceedingly powerful solution combining high-end visualization, real-time simulation of product behavior, actual size, and allows product operation very close to reality. The solution has been created between market driven customers and ESI industry experts. By Visualizing 3D data in IC.IDO, our clients are able to handle multi-discipline, multi-layer and multi-sites capital-intensive decision processes in the best imaginable conditions.

Users of IC.IDO solutions range from small and mid-size companies among the manufacturing industry to the largest manufacturing organizations in the world (Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, etc.) to increase their competitive advantage and to enhance significantly their ability to innovate.

Deepest know-how in Virtual Reality and 20 years of experience in Industrial Processes

  • from 1990 – 10 Years of Research
  • Industrial since 2000 – Over 10 Years of Industrialization
  • Today – Drive innovation in collaboration: over 100 clients worldwide
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IC.IDO allows our customers to make sure that they can assemble/repair /produce the new product in a given factory at the right point, in time, by the right people

IC.IDO development strategy

  • Based on over 20 years of successful development of VR solutions in highly demanding industries (Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, etc.)
  • Driven by industrial challenges
  • Supported by senior consultants with many years of technology and process know-how

Face your industrial challenges with IC.IDO

  • Build large, complex and/or expensive products in the best conditions ever.
  • Manage High-Volume Production with the fewest chances of errors.
  • Resolve complex design or manufacturing issues in an Highly-Collaborative environment.
  • Enhance Low-Volume Production Operations (Highly-Complex products)

IC.IDO solution benefits

  • Virtual prototypes enable frontloading Earlier understanding, validation, try-out
  • IC.IDO compensates missing physical prototypes Reduction of costly physical mock ups and prototypes
  • Optimize and foster Collaboration worldwide Engaging decision making processes
  • Hands-On interactive Solution
  • Personal comprehension of the product


Better understanding = Better decisions

Better Product| Faster Decision | Improved Quality

What is IC.IDO ?

Four main applications of IC.IDO

Virtual Engineering

IC.IDO allows ESI’s customers to experience their Virtual Prototypes in a truly realistic way from the very earliest stages of design and manufacturing.

IC.IDO thereby:

  • Enables ‘Frontloading’ – reducing significantly time to market.
  • Reduces costs related to design changes and schedule amendments.
  • Allows to validate feasibility aspects and compliance rules.

Virtual Build

  • The Virtual Validation of assembly processes validates product design and process interplay, which reduces iterations and costly late change requirements to a minimum.
  • The assembly processes stored in the respective planning system are validated at an early time and, if necessary, can be modified, thus reducing “time to volume“.
  • Assembly personnel can be trained early on before production series launch, thus boosting productivity!

Virtual Service

  • Early validation and optimization of the feasibility of service and repair work.
  • Reduction of tooling change requests and related costs.
  • Shortening down times due to unnecessary and excessively long work deployments.
  • Savings on warranty and maintenance costs.

Virtual Product Presentation

  • Interactive presentations of large and complex Virtual Products with customers and suppliers.
  • Realistic appearance and plausible behavior.
  • Experiencing Human to Machine Interface.
  • Variants and configurations can be demonstrated and validated.
  • Portable version allows for product presentation on trade & road shows.

IC.IDO Software: Platform Highlights

Effective Workflow & Collaboration Support

  • Best in class immersive User Interface (UI)
  • Natural & easy operation via well-known devices
  • Multi-user & multi-site operation
  • Highly flexible workflows –
  • parameter modification at
  • run-time

Best in Class scalability and performance

  • Massive multi-threading
  • Robust cluster Infrastructure
  • Tailored Renderers available
  • High-end visualizaton
  • High performance
  • OpenGL

Most robust applications for

  • Collaborative reviews
  • Service and repair validation
  • Interactive product presentation
  • Digital assembly and
  • feasibility study

Most realistic Interaction with product data

  • Real-time simulation of
  • Collision, friction & gliding
  • Constraints & kinematics
  • Flexible (and plastic)
  • objects

IC.IDO Hardware: Scalable Virtual Reality Workplace

  • Efficient visualization and simulation from small desktop 3D installation to high-end multi wall installations (CAVE)
  • Compatible with nearly every 3D hardware
  • Simple, robust and standardized solution
  • Easy to integrate in existing processes connecting to numerous Computer Aided Engineering (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Systems

Egyszerű, robusztus és szabványosított megoldás

Tracking Devices :
the main components for an highly-immersive experience

  • A Virtual Reality solution requires information of the user’s position and orientation to immersion into the virtual world.
  • Tracking systems provide such 6D information of users, input devices and mixed mock ups (seats, tools, devices).
  • Today’s optical tracking solutions are easy to deploy and demand marginal maintenance.
  • IC.IDO supports numerous tracking solutions available on the market.

“Tracking is the positional measurement of bodies (subjects or objects) that move in a defined space. Position and/or orientation of the body can be measured. If just X, Y and Z position are measured, we call this 3 degrees of freedom (3DOF or 3D) tracking. If position (3 coordinates) and orientation (3 independent angular coordinates) are measured simultaneously, we call this 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF or 6D) tracking”. (http://www.ar-tracking.com)

How does IC.IDO virtual reality-based solution revolutionize decision making ?

  • Real-time physics simulation assures realistic behavior of virtual objects – reliable and proven.
  • Best in class immersive user interface let the user intuitively engage with its virtual product(s) – no barriers.
  • Unique collaboration capabilities enable pari passu cooperation on the virtual model between remote sites – no limitations.
  • Powerful Multi-CAD and Product Data Management (PDM) support for quick process integration.
  • Unique massive data visualization fluently uncovers the largest data sets.

IC.IDO Customers’ feedbacks

“IC.IDO helps us cope with the technological and process challenges.”

“IC.IDO has been instrumental in improving communication with our key customers.”

“Reduction of development time.”

“The system was setup within a day.”

“Significantly faster time to market.”

“We are impressed by IC.IDO team ‘s know how.”

“We use IC.IDO daily in our development projects and we can’t do without it.”

“Dramatic reduction of error risks.”

Automotive I Special Construction Vehicles I Earth Moving Equipment I Shipbuilding

AMG, Audi, Behr, BMW, Caterpillar, Chrysler, Daimler, Edscha, Faurecia, Fisker, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes, Meyer Werft, Opel, PSW, Seat, Skoda, Valmet Automobile, Volkswagen, Volvo

Machinery & Plant Engineering I Aerospace I Defence I Transportation

Airbus, BASF, Bitzer, Boeing, Bombardier, Breuning, EADS, Extricom, Gabler, Hitachi, Jungheinrich, Maquet, MTU, Niles, Oerlikon, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ONRL), Optima Group, Rheinmetall, Sauter, Voith, Siemens Energy, Siemens Transportation, Trumpf, Westinghouse

Universities I Research Organizations

Chemnitz University of Technology, Kaiserslautern University of Technology, Vienna University of Technology, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Greek Manpower Employment Organization (O.A.E.D.), Dresden University of Technology, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Fraunhofer Research Organization, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), stb.


eSZett, Ci-base, Trivit, Messebau Keck, PLG-IT, Longtek, Vision Strategy, stb.

Hardware suppliers

Imsys, Dell, NVIDIA, HP, Christie, stb.

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Virtual Reality – Part after quenching – Courtesy AP&T